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Dennis' email: aig@sesame.kusm.montana.edu

DENNIS AIG (Producer, Director, Music Producer) has directed and produced numerous documentaries for PBS and has won two Emmies (with four total Emmy nominations) and dozens of other national awards for his efforts. His film, "Shadow Casting: the Making of A River Runs Through It," won over 14 awards at film festivals across the country. Recently, he co-directed and co-produced the award-winning "Sacred Journey of the Nez Perce" which was released nationally to PBS stations in February 1997. Currently, he is producing and directing two documentaries for Robert Redford, to accompany Redford's soon-to-be-released feature film, "The Horse Whisperer." In 1997, Aig directed and co-produced "Test Pilots of the Body," about bone marrow transplants. He also produces feature films, two of which are soon to begin pre-production, including a collaborative effort with Khashyar Darvich. Aig holds a Ph.D. in English/Film Studies from Ohio State University and is an associate professor of film at Montana State University in Bozeman. He has been awarded grants from many leading agencies and private sources including the NEA, Montana and Ohio Arts Councils, and Montana and Ohio Humanities Councils. He currently lives in Bozeman, Montana and New York City with his wife, Ann Bertagnolli, and their two young daughters.





Jerry Aronson is a remarkable producer-director who was nominated in 1979 for his documentary, "The Divided Trail," about the inner social struggles of a Native American family. He also produced and directed the incredible documentary, "The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg," which received great international acclaim. Jerry is working on some projects with Wakan Films, and also currently teaches film at the University of Colorado in Boulder.


(the following information about Jerry to be reformatted soon :)




1972-Present Film Instructor, University of Colorado, Boulder.

1975-1977 Filmmaker-in-residence, Colorado Arts Council.

1969-1972 Film Instructor, Columbia College, Chicago.

1969-1970 Cinematographer, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Ill.

1968-Present Independent Filmmaker.





1997 The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg

Producer, Director.

One hour edit for a PBS American Master's special airing during September, 1997.

1994-96 American Music: The Roots of Country


Six hour documentary mini-series made for Turner Productions-- aired June, 1996 on TBS.

See Press Release.

1993 The Life and Times of Allen Ginsberg

Producer, Director. FEATURE LENGTH.

Major grants from the National Endowment for the Arts and the Colorado Humanities Program.


1990 Igor Gamow: In Search of a Dream

Producer, Editor.

Director -- Stan Brakhage,

For possible PBS series.

1989 The Forgotten One

Production Manager, Still photographer.

Feature film starring Kristi McNichol,

Wind River Productions.

1989 Hair

Revival at the Boulder Theater.

Production Manager, Still Photographer,

1987 Shadow of Death

Still Photographer, Wind River Productions. 1986 The Women's Club

Still Photographer, Weintraub Productions(L.A.).

1982 Grow in Peace

Camera (Mother's Day Peace Parade).

Death Knocks

Director (The American Film Institute).

Christmas Break

Director, Writer (The American Film Institute).

Moving On

Director, Writer (The American Film Institute).

1981 The Renewable Solution

Director (Solar Energy Research Institute).

Baby Talk

Director of Photography (Steve Taylor Films).

1978 The Divided Trail

Producer, Director, Camera.







1980 Broadcast: PBS series Matters of Life and Death


1979 Nomination: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences --- Best Short Documentary.

First Prize: George Washington Medallion, Freedoms Foundation at Valley Forge, PA.

Finalist: Robert Kennedy Memorial.


1978 Grand Prize: Aspen.

Featured: Denver.

Honor Award: Chicago.

Featured: London.

Featured: Telluride.

Featured: Bilbao.

Featured: American Film Festival.




The following films have won awards and have had special screenings at the following film festivals:


Ann Arbor; Foothill; Spoletto, Italy; Monterey; U.S. Information Service; San Francisco; Denver; Aspen; Telluride; and New York.


1973 Fun with Lines

Director, Camera (Coronet Films).

1972 Old Glory Marching Society

Director, Camera, Editor.

1971 Creating with Textures

Director, Editor (Coronet Films).



1970 Third Planet From the Sun

Camera, Editor.

Turn-Off Pollution

Technical Advisor

(Encyclopedia Brittanica Films).

1969 Options

Director, Camera, Editor.

1968 Plastic Fantastic Lover

Director, Camera, Editor.


Director, Camera, Editor.






1981-1982 Directing Fellow, The American Film Institute.

1969 Master of Science, Filmmaking and Photography

Institute of Design, (Bauhaus) I.I.T.

1966 Bachelor of Arts, Psychology and Photography,

Wayne State University.

The Life and Times








1. Sundance Film Festival (In Person)

(Invitational World Premiere) January

2. Munich Documentary Film Festival (In Person)

(Invitation) March

3. Northwest Film Center (May)

(Portland Art Museum)

4. The University of Colorado (In Person)

(Rocky Mountain Film Center) May

5. AFI Film Festival (In Person)

(Invitation---Los Angeles) June

6. Best of AFI Festival

(Washington D.C.---Kennedy Center) June

7. Sydney International Film Festival

(Invitation) June

8. Athens, Ohio International Film Festival

(Feature Documentary---First Prize) June

9. Jerusalem International Film Festival

(Invitation) July

10. The Roxie Cinema---San Francisco (In Person)


24 SCREENINGS---(JULY 9-16, 1993)

11. Montreal World Film Festival

(Invitation-3 screenings) September

12. Vancouver International Film Festival

(Invitation) October, 1993

13. Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival (In Person)

(Invitation-5 screenings) October, 1993

14. EQX (Phoenix, AZ) Film Festival (In Person)

(Invitation) October, 1993

15. International Documentary Association Awards in Los Angeles (In Person)

(Winner: One of five 1993 feature documentaries)

November 5-6, 1993

16. Mill Valley International Film Festival---Post Festival

(Special Invitational Screening) October, 1993

17. London Film Festival (In Person)

(Invitation) November 13, 1993

18. France---Homage to Allen Ginsberg with Allen Ginsberg (In Person)(Invitation) Cinematheque Francaise---November 15, 1993

19. Berlin Jewish Cultural Days with Allen Ginsberg (In Person)

(Invitation) November 20, 1993

20. Leipzig International Documentary Film Festival (In Person)

(Invitation) November 25, 1993

21. Festival dei Popoli in Florence, Italy (In Person)

(Invitation) November 28, 1993

22. National Theatrical Distribution, 1993---First Run Features

23. Toronto, Canada--Chosen by the National Film Board of Canada for

"What's Up, Doc '94?", a select group of American documentary filmmakers exhibiting and discussing their films with the public and a large number of Canadian filmmakers.

24. Canadian Theatrical Distribution, 1993---Libra Films

25. New Zealand International Film Festival

(Invitation) Summer, 1994: 5 city tour.

26. Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival with Allen Ginsberg (In Person)

(Invitation) November, 1994

27. Australian Video Distribution, 1994---Ronin Films

28. National Video Distribution, 1994---First Run Features

29. UK Video Distribution, 1995---Visionary Communications

30. The Great Plains Film Festival---Grand Prize

(Invitation) July 15-20, 1995

31. Dutch Educational TV---March, 1996

32. PBS screening in Denver, Colorado---April, 1996

33. Venice Film Festival, Encore Presentation

Beat Retrospective---September, 1996

34. National Television Sale---November, 1996

The Sundance Channel


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